Why do we want volunteers?

There are a lot of reasons people can’t afford to come to Chicago Roboto, and if not having to pay for a conference ticket reduces a barrier, then everyone wins. We could hire temps, or have “staff” but that’s not a good use of our budget. We’d rather provide a way for members of the community to come to Chicago Roboto. Past Volunteers often end up speakers later on!

We feel that having volunteers from the community is better than giving away free tickets for nothing. Why not help support the community by working the registration desk or helping record sessions?

What do I need to do if I’m a volunteer?

  • We need you to be available Sunday afternoon thru Tuesday night.
  • We need everyone onsite for at least a few hours on Sunday afternoon prior to the conference for badge assembly, and swag assembly, to get familiar with the location, and we are setting up the schedule that day – pick your sessions you want to see! We try to make sure volunteers see the sessions they would see if they weren’t volunteering.
  • We need people all day Monday and Tuesday to run the Registration desk. There are 2  shifts, 7am-lunch, lunch-end of the day.
  • Monday and Tuesday we need people to run the Registration desk as well as help speakers, count attendees, and do timer countdown at the end of each session. You will be assigned to either the desk or a session, or have free time.
  • Monday you will need to arrive at 7a.
  • Tuesday you will need to arrive at 8a.
  • Everyone needs to regroup at the end of each day to put all the reg desk stuff away, and Tuesday to do final wrap up and boxing of all left over supplies.

What do you get to do?

  • You get free admission to the conference and all the swag!
  • When you are not assigned to a specific session or the reg desk – you are free to do as you wish.
  • You get lunch!
  • You get to mingle at all the parties
  • You get to meet a ton of people during registration!
  • You get a cool badge
  • You get to say you know the folks that run 360|Conferences

We really want you to get something out of the conference! We want you to have fun and learn a ton!

If you think you can hack it – apply by submitting this form.

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