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Enrique López Mañas is a software engineer, mostly focused on Android and backend development with Java/Kotlin. He is the author of Android High Performance, 100 Android Questions and Answers, and 100 iOS Questions and Answers. He has been a member of the Google Developer Expert crew since 2014. Besides his programming duties, he also runs a few side projects. He is the editor and maintainer of Kotlin Weekly, a mailing list that delivers news about the Kotlin universe every Sunday. He is the organizer of Kotlin Users Meetup Group Munich and Droidcon Vietnam. In his free time, he reads, writes, and runs long distances for extended periods of time.

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Modularising the right way


Today more than ever, building the right app with the right architecture is a challenge, given the number of libraries, frameworks and patterns available. ...


Enrique López Mañas

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