No More □  —  Mastering Emoji on Android

Tofus (□) are representations used when a specific character (like an Emoji) cannot be displayed. You have seen them, and so your users.

Thanks to EmojiCompat, now Android developers have a way to provide Emoji compatibility for older devices, but does it solve all the issues developers have with Emoji?

Have you wondered why Twitter counts characters differently depending on the Emoji? Or how gender and skin tone Emoji modifiers work? How can I have a similar functionality as Slack on my app with custom Emoji? Do all your users see the same Emoji?

On this talk, you will learn about the different pitfalls developers face when working with Emoji, like code points, the Fitzpatrick modifiers, and short-names, you will learn how to use EmojiCompat and I will show you alternatives to it.

In this talk you will learn:
– What are the problems developers face with Emoji
– How Emoji works
– How to use EmojiCompat including dynamic font downloading
– What is EmojiCompat not solving, and what can you do
– What alternatives are there to EmojiCompat
– ..and of course everything with Kotlin!

After this talk, you will be an Emoji expert, no longer afraid of showing □ (tofu) to your users!

Location: Main Stage Date: April 13, 2018 Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am Miquel Beltran