Creating a beacon of light in your small corner of the world

It’s very difficult to build and lead communities, even more so if you come from a rather small community with a diverse developer scene. Having advanced talks can favor the growth and knowledge of more experienced members, but it can easily become a trap of its own doing, as it could neglect the beginners and newcomers, which is not inclusive. On the other hand, having dozens of “Beginner Android & Kotlin” talks can become repetitive and monotone, which might drive people away, but it’s necessary since entering the development world is hard.

Because of that, it’s important to brainstorm and find new ideas to help beginners break the ice and propel their careers forward, without having to resort to repetitiveness and segmenting out pieces of the community.

In this talk, you’ll see how even small initiatives, which started from a simple thought and the wish to help others, can grow into big projects and make such an impact in your community. You’ll also see which challenges and opportunities might’ve presented themselves along the way, and what plans there are for the future.

Social Technology Community
Location: Main Stage Date: September 28, 2020 Time: 9:00 am - 9:20 am Auto Draft Filip Babić