What’s new in Android


• In this talk, I would like to cover the new improvements that Android12 brings in terms of security and privacy.
• We will go through new features such as the Privacy dashboard, Camera and Mic indicators, etc.
• We will learn about various improvements such as new permission for exact alar scheduling, new Bluetooth permission, localized strings for biometric authentication, etc.
• We will also go through new behavioral changes such as back press behavior change for Main Activity, notification trampoline click can not start an activity from the receiver, the exported flag is required for all receivers, activities, services in the manifest file, and pending intents requires mutability flag needs to be set.


Features: Predictive back gesture, Photo picker, Per-app language preferences.

Behavioral changes: Notification permission, Foreground services task manager, Granular media permissions, Intent filters block non-matching intents, Battery Resource Utilization, Media controls derived from PlaybackState.



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