RecyclerViews – A Developer’s deep dive

The majority of the mobile apps used in today’s life include browsing through an endless list of data, whether social media, search functionality, etc. Displaying this vast amount of data in a user-friendly manner with a seamless scrolling experience in a constrained mobile environment can be a daunting challenge.
But RecyclerView library (Android Jetpack) has made this easy and efficient. In the talk, I will not only be talking about the overview and the how of this optimized experience but will also go deep into how the library can be customized to create various kinds of data display & enhancements and its advanced abilities. The idea is to provide a comprehensive guide to RecyclerView & walk away with the ability to create anything from simple lists to complex data representation for a great user experience.

  • RecyclerView Overview & how it works
  • Creating a simple List – step by step quick code guide
  • Customizations to build complex list UIs
  • Multiple View Types
  • Single RecyclerView – multiple adapters
  • RecyclerView in Jetpack Compose


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