Recording Video with CameraX and Jetpack Compose

Integrating video into your Android application can be a challenging and intimidating experience, running into device compatibility, multiple camera libraries, and conflicting or deprecated advice. The Android development paradigm has also shifted; many developers are adopting Android UI with Jetpack Compose. But what does this mean for libraries like CameraX, which provide APIs that depend on UI components?

In this talk, we’ll see how to integrate CameraX with our Android projects and explore how to build a state driven video recorder built with Jetpack Compose. In the process we will learn the following:

  1. Basic CameraX video APIs
  2. Building a lifecycle-aware camera preview with Compose
  3. Listening to video recording update
  4. Recomposition gotchas to avoid

By the end of this talk, you will be prepared to integrate the CameraX API with Jetpack Compose into your codebase.

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