BOF – Migration to Jetpack Compose

Join host Rivu Chakraborty, in a group discussion around migrating your projects to Jetpack Compose. Bring your lunch, breakfast or dinner, your questions and experiences.

Although everyone is really excited about Compose, and by this time most Android Devs already tried it out in their pet/side projects, and Compose is interoperable with Views, migrating huge production apps won’t be that easy task. Especially apps that have their own design system (all custom views etc), or apps that are using a View based redux arch pattern. I’d like to discuss with the panel if any of them have already formulated a plan to migrate to Compose, or have acted on it, what are the challenges they faced and how are they planning getting around it.  Also, since shifting from XML to Compose is a huge paradigm shift, how are they planning to train the new hires / folks that are not familiar with Compose yet. Is there a guideline they created on managing state, since state management is a crucial part of using Compose, and there’s several ways, so are they standardising any particular pattern if yes then which one and why.



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