BOF – The Super Power of Smartphones

Join host Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi, in an open discussion of the powerful portable computing devices we all carry in our pockets.

In this session you will discuss how smartphones have evolved into personal supercomputers in our pocket. It’s mind blowing to think about AI/ML with “Neural Core” Edge TPU, ARCore with depth perception cameras and the addition of Lidar / radar. We can discuss how smartphones are now medical devices and fitness trackers that save people’s lives. A good time will be had by all as we geek out over all the new features on both Android (Whitechapel 5-nanometer CPU) and iOS (eight 64-bit Fire/Ice-cores). So drop in and discuss your favorite features and what you’re most excited to see in the latest devices (Foldables? 5G? HDR? microLED? Wearables?) or any questions you have about the latest soft/hardware features.



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