Gearing up for your Next Conference Talk

Public speaking has numerous benefits like building and sharing knowledge, expanding the career horizon, gaining visibility, building your personal brand and network. The aim of this session is to take the attendees through a roller coaster ride of getting motivated and confident to present in tech conferences/meetups to equipping them with tips and tricks(gained through personal experience and networking) to write CFPs to delivering their talks like a pro on the stage.


  • Learn and understand the benefits of public speaking and getting motivated for it through an invigorating exercise.
  • Tips and tricks to understand how to choose a topic for your next talk.
  • Tips and tricks to understand how to draft the CFP title and abstract(with examples).
  • Live Workshop to take the attendees through the process of writing a CFP title and abstract.
  • Learning how to create powerful and engaging virtual presentations.
  • Learning about the different presentation styles and tips and tricks to deliver your presentation like a pro.


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