From Developer to DevRel, how the Android community helped me grow

I have been an Android developer in some form since 2009. Not only was it exciting becoming part of an amazing platform to develop for but what really made it stick is the incredible community behind it all. It’s the reason that after 10 years of being a software developer I moved into Developer Relations and continued to focus on the Android platform to this day.

In this talk, we take a look back in time at how the Android community has changed and grown from the early days of HTC Dream/T-mobile G1 and hacking about with ROMs on XDA to the massive worldwide collective of developers from all walks of life that make up the Android community today. We take a look at what makes this community so special and the lessons I have learned over the years around getting involved and being part of this community.

You will come away with knowledge about how the Android community got going, and how you can start getting involved today! What makes a great community contribution and the wide range of things you can do to continue the growth of this developer community.



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