Custom Design Systems in Compose

While Jetpack Compose comes with Google’s Material Design system, many apps have their own design language and systems that they need to adhere to in order to offer consistency across platforms. As apps and teams scale, it eventually becomes beneficial to implement your own design system.

That’s exactly the case at Dropbox. We recently went through the process of implementing our DIG design library in Compose, and have seen the benefits first hand.

In this talk, we’ll discuss different approaches to implementing custom design systems in Compose, from customizing the Material Theme, to extending it, all the way to implementing a full blown custom design library. We’ll cover some of the benefits and drawbacks of each approach that you might want to consider.

Lastly, we’ll share the process we went through at Dropbox as we implemented our DIG design library. We’ll report on our experience and reflect on the benefits we’ve seen and what our plans are for the future.



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