15 Things I Learned Switching from iOS to Android Development

After 8 years working steadfastly as an iOS dev, I jumped ship over to Android. This talk will cover three areas of learnings:

  • Technical: The reason for the season. Our stack includes Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, and coroutines. This section will cover what I’ve learned about Android’s cutting-edge technology, how it differs from that of iOS, and what both new devs and seasoned ones might be surprised to realize about Android when they take a step back.
  • Process: No dev is an island. We’re building the Android app of our product from the ground up, whereas the iOS app has existed for years. During this section, I will discuss how we’ve learned to create processes that work for our small team, negotiate scope with design and product, and tap into prior art from the existing app.
  • Personal: I’ve learned a ton about how to learn and managing the pain of growth. Here I’ll share some practical tips with you about leveling up.


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