We’re building out our 2022 inclusivity initiatives! Bear with us. This page will be updated shortly (But take a look at our 2019-2021 information for an idea of what we offer.

Here at Chicago Roboto, we’re passionate about being a part of the Android community and giving everyone a place to learn, grow, and connect. That’s why we hope to give as many people as possible the opportunity to attend. Through scholarships, guides, and sponsorships, we hope to improve the experience for existing members and welcome new people to our community. Continue reading to learn about all of the ways you can get involved! Remember to follow our code of conduct however you choose to participate.

Become a Scholar

To welcome new members of the community and help our diversity grow, we’re offering a limited number of registration scholarships to students and members of underrepresented groups in technology. This is a chance to learn more, meet new people, and grow in your career. You’ll get to attend talks to improve your skills and meet influential people in the community.

This scholarship includes a free ticket to the conference. Being online for 2021, travel is not a factor and you can apply regardless of location, yay!

Along with your ticket, you’ll have a special place to connect with conference guides. These are experts in the community who can help you navigate and feel welcome at the conference, as well as give you professional advice! You’ll have a dedicated Slack channel to meet your fellow scholars and guides, as well as a special BoF session to learn from our guides.

Time is ticking! The deadline to apply is August 30th.

Apply Here.


Become a Guide

You, as an experienced member of the community, have the opportunity to make the experience of a scholar the best it can be. As a guide, you’ll be connected with our scholars. By interacting with our scholars, you can learn from each other, introduce them to others in the community, and maybe even make a new friend! Some suggestions regarding things you can help with include discussing what sessions you want to attend and introducing your scholar to new people. In general, be available and be a friendly face for our scholars as you go about your day at the conference!

A couple of notes before you apply. This is an opportunity for you to give back to the community. You will need to cover your personal registration for the event. Please let us know if you apply and later find out you are unable to attend. Deadline is August 30th.

Apply here.


How else can I help?

If you’re unable to participate in one of the ways above but still want to help out, you’re in luck! Here are some other things you can do to help give back to the community.

  • Be welcoming at the conference. Introduce yourself to someone new. Invite others to join you if they’re attending alone. Learn more about other people and find out what interests them. If nothing else, stand like Pacman to leave room for others to join. Our community is strengthened by these connections!
  • Sponsor a diversity and inclusion ticket, or encourage your company to do so. It’s because of the wonderful people and organizations in our community sponsoring these tickets that we’re able to provide this scholarship program. You can donate an individual ticket through the registration form, or contact us for more information.
  • Be a dedicated diversity and inclusion sponsor. We have a number of efforts such as more scholarship tickets, childcare reimbursement, Scholar/Guide welcome dinner/breakfast, and live captioning, just to name a few, and we would love your help! If you’d like to find out more, please reach out!
  • Make a suggestion. We learn how we can improve from kind feedback from our past and future attendees. If there’s a way we can make Chicago Roboto better for you, let us know.
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