Chicago Roboto is organized by a team of amazing people.

John Wilker

John (@jwilker) organizes community-focused tech conferences. He loves bringing people together to inspire and encourage awesome things. John left the coder life to create events and support communities, he now runs a full-time conference company and does events of his own creation (360|AnDev, 360|iDev) and does event logistics consulting as well

Ryan Harter

Ryan is a Google Developer Expert for Android and the Android developer at Pixite.  He’s been developing Android apps since 2009 and loves working on anything fun, usually graphics related.  You can usually find him speaking at conferences around North America, or vacationing around the world.

Victoria Gonda

Victoria was drawn to programming because of its potential to help people in a meaningful way. She is an Android Engineer and author of Android Test-Driven Development by Tutorials. The conferences she has spoken at have been an enjoyable way to connect with the technical community and exchange information with others. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys dancing and curling up with a good book.

Dan Kim

Dan has been an Android programmer at Basecamp for five years, and prior to that had been working on Java for…a long time.

He’s always enjoyed Android development, but working with Kotlin over the last few years has rocketed that enthusiasm to a whole new level. The Android and Kotlin communities have been instrumental to his work and career, and he’s a big believer in paying that forward.

Outside of work, he’s an avid Dad πŸ‘΄, donut aficionado 🍩, pizza lover πŸ•, and emoji enthusiast πŸ˜‰.

Amanda Hinchman

Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez is a Sr. Kotlin Engineer at 47 Degrees and specializes in metaprogramming, Android, and native desktop development.

She’s an active member of the Kotlin community, a humble co-organizer for Chicago Kotlin User Group, and enjoys writing technical articles. When she’s not hanging out with other coders, Amanda enjoys hot yoga, traveling, and discovering new eats in Chicago!

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