Chicago Roboto is organized by John Wilker, Jerrell Mardis, and Ryan Harter

John WilkerJohn (@jwilker) organizes community focused tech conferences. He loves bringing people together to inspire and encourage awesome things. John left the coder life to create events and support communities, he now runs a full time conference company and does events of his own creation (360|AnDev, 360|intersect, 360|iDev) and does event logistics consulting as well







jerrell_profileJerrell Mardis (@jerrellmardis) is a Google Developer Expert for Android, an Android engineer at Salesforce.com and an organizer for Google Developer Group Chicago West. Through his work as a public speaker and community organizer, Jerrell hopes to help elevate the tech community scene in Chicago. He has been developing apps for Android since Android 2.0 and is passionate about building beautiful and functional Android apps that exceed users’ expectations. He is also the creator of the successful transit application, Ride Metra.





ryan-harterRyan is a Google Developer Expert for Android and the Android developer at Pixite.  He’s been developing Android apps since 2009 and loves working on anything fun, usually graphics related.  You can usually find him speaking at conferences around North America, or vacationing around the world.