Birds of a Feather

This year at Chicago Roboto is all about making connections. After the year we’ve had and continue to live, we want to do what we can to bring people together again. We understand we’re not in the clear yet and it’s not safe for everyone to travel, so we have a couple of plans to do this remotely.

One of these is Birds of a Feather sessions. These will be moderated, focused discussions centered on a specific topic such as Jetpack Compose, Kotlin Multiplatform, and Community Building. These sessions will have limited capacity so attendees have the opportunity to talk with and connect with others in the small group.

This is where you come in! We need awesome people like you to moderate sessions. What does this entail? Read on!

There are three main responsibilities for a moderator:
1. Show up at the time of your session. This includes making sure you have a ticket and can log in ahead of time and checking you have the right timezone.
2. Prepare some questions to keep the conversation going. You’ll use these if there’s a lull in the conversation and need to get things going. They could be something like “What’s your experience with x?” or “Where do you see y in the future?”
3. Enjoy the conversation and keep it flowing during your 30-minute session. Facilitate introductions, ask questions, and share your own expertise.

Does this sound like a good opportunity for you? Apply below! Don’t want to moderate but have a topic you’d like to suggest? You can use the same form for your submission.

Deadline is August 2nd 2021.

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