Watch Party

Even though Roboto is online this year, that doesn’t mean you and your coworkers and friends can’t enjoy the event together! That’s part of our [Your City] Roboto idea after all!

Introducing the Watch Party Ticket!

Gather round the TV in the conference room, or living room. Get a bunch of folks together and enjoy the fantastic content from Roboto speakers as a group. The Watch Party Ticket gets you as close to the in-person experience as possible!

Once purchased we’ll reach out and mail the organizer some swag to share with participants!

You probably have questions…

  • So, what’s the Watch Party ticket cost? $500
  • Realistically how many people is a “Watch Party”? We’re thinking 5. That’s the amount of swag we’ll be sending. If you’ve got more people than that, let us know and we can work something out.
  • Why wouldn’t I just buy a single ticket and watch it with friends/coworkers? Well, nothing is stopping you, but we hope you won’t. We’re trying this out to see if it makes financial sense for us.
  • Swag you say? Yup! We’ll put some stickers and shirts in the mail!

What you need for a watch party

  • A location. Find a venue with a screen or projector where you and your colleagues can meet.
  • A watch party ticket. Remember this comes with swag for you and your fellow attendees!
  • A plan for food. Whether this is catered or a plan to split the bill at your local favorite, people will get hungry (and not just for knowledge).

We’re excited to celebrate with you! Let us know about your watch party and we’ll give you a shout out.

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