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The name Chicago Roboto, means something kinda specific. We hold the event in Chicago.

Last year it was “Chicago Roboto, live from Denver Colorado” Because that’s where I’m (John) based. LOL.

This year we’re pro-actively thinking about what Chicago Roboto can be. Obviously in this (hopefully) final year of COVID, the Chicago part of our name means a lot less.

The reality is, we’re [Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando] Roboto.

This year, as getting together with friends and coworkers becomes more and more a reality for many, we want to encourage you to not just watch Roboto, but do it with those friends and coworkers. Have a watch party! We’ll send ya some stickers and swag to really make it feel special! I mean, who doesn’t want stickers!?

We’ll have more details as we flesh this idea out, including a watch party ticket. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, don’t forget to submit a talk. The CFP Closes May 31st!

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